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Hello. I’m Mike.

I am a freelance photographer specializing in portrait and lifestyle, commercial and documentary photography.
Part-Italian and part-Indonesian, I am currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

In the last decade I worked across the travel, telecommunications and design sectors where crafting digital and visual content became a key focus. My job allowed me to nurture my ongoing interest in photography and graphic design and it was throughout these years of exploration, as I started documenting life around me with the use of a camera, that I recognized my way of Being gradually shifting.

As a human being I am sometimes lost in habit, yet driven by passion as I continuously adjust to life’s beauties and challenges. In my own search of happiness and tranquillity it is often through my camera that I discover authenticity and find creative expression that always excites me.
Being behind the lens has enabled me, most importantly, to learn more about myself and to better understand those I come in contact with. 

My camera is an integral part of my Being and I embrace photography as an ever-evolving process, like life itself.

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I am always open to hear about exciting projects and collaborations that stimulate an interest in me.
Contact me using any of the details below. I’d love to hear from you.

+34 630 32 3971

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my work ︎

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